Board of Directors

Current Board Members

David Pomeroy / President
Linda Carlock / Vice President
Bob Mackey/ Secretary
Sharon Squires-Clark / Treasurer
Dina Wood / Membership
Todd Brown / Property
Christopher Sharpe / Website
Vacant / Publicity & Marketing

Board Meeting Phone Connection


Board Meeting are held by zoom every month on the second Monday at 7:30 


About The Board

Board Members are the operational managers of the organization.

These volunteers invest an incredible amount of their personal time and effort to ensure Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater & Family Park continues to exist as a viable Not-For-Profit organization


Board members must be a member in good standing, they must attend all board meetings, participate in all voting ballots and they are required to chair at least one committee.

Election and Term

Members of the Board are elected by the membership. Board Member are expected to serve a term of not less than 2 years.

Join The Board

Interesting in joining the board? Please contact us.

Get involved with Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theatre

There is a special place in heaven for SFFT members who help out and volunteer their time and talent for Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theatre. Reserve your spot now by letting us know how you can help make our theatre thrive. The SFFT Summer Season moves ahead because members like you step up and become part of it.  Your Board of Directors could use your help. Community service hours are available for volunteers.

Volunteer Coordinator – This is a special job for a special person. Can you organize and direct people; schedule staffing for events and shows, make calls to keep volunteers lined up, and track service hours? This is a job for a people person with organization skills. The Board acting as a whole has done this in past. Now, we have opened up the opportunity for you to become a board member and help the theatre. You’ll get an inside view of the show’s production from start to finish.

Volunteers for the 2022 season – The Board plans to produce a show one weekend in August with BBQ dinners at each of the 2 shows. This is a big production. It would help us if you could play a part.   It takes 20 people at each BBQ dinner to coordinate and be part of the BBQ Dinner team preparing and serving each dinner. Food preparation Friday afternoons, Dinner set-up Saturday and Sunday afternoons, servers, bartender, and kitchen staff at the dinner itself and cleanup crew after dinner. Volunteer sign-ups are available on the website.

Publicity Coordinator – Hear Ye. Hear Ye. Do you have marketing skills? Help us get the word out on shows and events at SFFT to local papers, radio stations, and community event listings. Spearhead design and distribution of posters for the Summer Season. Write or co-author profiles of members and Board members for the “Get to Know Your SFFT” section of the new website (coming soon!).

Assistant Food Buyer and Kitchen Chef – Take your homemaking skills to a new level. Help us prepare a feast and gain the appreciation of 100 happy people. Two positions open! Chef and Buyer Apprentice this year to Linda Carlock who has devoted time, energy, service and leadership to SFFT, serving out of love to uphold the Mission and Purpose of SFFT. Learn the ropes from Linda this season and be ready to take over in the 2023 season.

Grant Writer – Can you write and convince rich guys to send us money? People with money, give it to good causes every day, why not SFFT? Are you connected to the grant world? If you or anyone you know is familiar with the process of writing grants and experienced in doing so, SFFT needs your talent. Donations pay for repairs to the upper part of the road, and the bridge to the amphitheater.  Grants to non-profit organizations benefitting the Arts are a thing, SFFT could use one. Can you help us?

Thank you for considering getting involved with the Snoqualmie Falls Forrest Theatre. Contact us and we will talk