Hiking at Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater

Hiking Trails at Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater

Several trails wind through the park and neighboring property providing access to the river, viewpoints and Snoqualmie Falls.

Lower Trail to Snoqualmie Falls

The Lower Trail ends at the base of Snoqualmie Falls. Along the way you will cross O creek and travel through beautiful second growth forest. Lower Falls Trail starts at the hairpin turn. From there it heads down into the forest of big trees and lush ferns.  Cross O Creek and head up toward the falls viewpoint. The easy trail ends at the falls viewpoint. Along the way you will leave the Forest Theatre Property. The trail continues on Puget Sound Energy Property  to the falls viewpoint. From there its a steep challenging 100 yards on Puget Sound Energy Property, down to the river and falls. 

Overlook Trail

The Overlook Trail is a short uphill walk with benches and a distant view of the falls. Only got ten minutes? Want an easy hike? Then this is the trail for you. Trail starts from the Campground or behind the Shelter and ends in a relaxing spot with benches. See photo of view. 

Theatre Trail

Trail to the Theatre starts from the shelter and parking area and switchbacks a short distance down to the Theatre. Easy walking but possibly too steep for the disabled. On show afternoons we provide shuttle service for those unable to walk down (or up) to the theater trail. We use private vehicles provided by volunteers from the BBQ pavilion to the theater and vice versa. The first two rows in the amphitheater are reserved for the mobility impaired. 

Trail to Lower Meadow and the Snoqualmie River 

Easy walk down to the relaxing and peaceful Lower Meadow and the Snoqualmie River. There are benches, stellar views, solitude, fishing and river access. 

King County Trail

King County maintains a paved trail just south of the SFFT property. Access is from the West end of our property. This paved trail follows the old railroad and is an easy ride Southeast which ends at Puget Sound Energy’s fence discouraging access to the decommissioned trestle to the City of Snoqualmie. 

Upper Trail to Snoqualmie Falls

Muddy, slippery, wet and with plenty of stinging nettles. Upper trail is not recommended for the inexperienced hikers nor tennis shoes. Mud boots required most of the year. 




Map of Property with Trails

Overlook Trail Viewpoint

Barred Owl

Barred Owl

Wood Ducks