Camping Status

Last updated 8/29/2022

Campsites are open and available by reservation

Map of Property

Camping at Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater

Our thirteen (13) primitive camping sites provide the most basic camping experience. You will be surrounded by the forest and wildlife that cross the property from time to time. You will have access to our restroom facility which also includes a hot shower.


Primitive camping sites can only be reserved by members of the organization, campsites can host one member and up to 10 guests and requires a reservation. Each member can only reserve 1 campsite at a time. The property is also limited to hosting 50 guests maximum. Please make reservations in advance for theater events as we always book up.

Group Camping Reservations

The Group/Actors Camp Site is reserved for actors and production crew from the last week of July through August, but is available to members throughout the rest of the year. If your plans require a larger space, such as combining more than one member group, you will need to request the Group site at least a week in advance, so please so plan accordingly

Bull Elk

White Tail Deer Doe and Fawns

Viewpoint Trail

Children on Playground

Campsite with Firepit and Picnic Tables

Children playing in Snoqualmie River

Reservations Required for All Camping

In order to reserve a camp site you will need to make a reservation using the form below. We require:

  1. The exact nights you wish to camp
  2. The number of people in your group
  3. The names of all the campers.

Camping Guidelines

One of the benefits of being a member is our camping area in the upper meadow.  You must have a reservation to camp; you can reserve at, please provide your requested dates, name, number of campers, and names of each guest.  If you can’t or don’t want to camp on your designated date(s), you need to cancel your reservation.  “No shows” will forfeit opportunity of camping reservations for rest of the year.

No camping is allowed in the lower meadow or outside of the designated campsites.  Please follow the SFFT Rules and Regulations that were sent to you when you became a member.  In addition, please follow the Camping Guidelines when camping on our property.  Please make sure to “leave no trace”.

Camp in designated camping areas in the upper meadow (no camping in the lower meadow, parking lot, picnic area, between restrooms and kitchen, or in any building).  You will be assigned to a campsite (one per member reservation) when you sign up.

Maximum time at a campsite is one week, at which time you will need to vacate the site.

If you would like to camp for more than one week, you will need to move to a new campsite, if available, as assigned by the camping coordinator (reached through

RVs are allowed at the main campsites:  no electrical, water, or sewer connections are available.

Members are entitled to invite up to 10 guests to camp with them up to three times during the year.  Each guest may be invited only once per year and the member must be in attendance during the entire stay of the guest.  The guests must share the campsite with the member host.

Please provide the names of each of your guests when making reservations.

Total camping use is restricted to a maximum of 50 individuals per night or a maximum of 20 vehicles, whichever is more restrictive.  Events/Camping coordinator keeps track of the number of individuals signed up per day.

Fires are only allowed in the designated fire pits with approval from the Caretaker (or Board member if no caretaker is available).  If a burn ban is in effect, no fires are allowed:  violators will be personally liable for all damages and may lose future camping privileges.

Please bring your own firewood (can be purchased in Fall City).  DO NOT cut down any trees or remove wood from the BBQ shelter area or the Caretakers residence.

Keep a bucket of water available next to the fire when using the fire pits.  Water spigots are located near the BBQ shelter and just outside of the restrooms.

Make sure that your fire is completely out:  doused with water, ashes stirred, then ashes redoused with water.  Repeat until fire is DEAD OUT before leaving the site or going to sleep.

Use toilet facilities provided (the permanent restrooms year-round and “Honey Buckets” during the summer season) – DO NOT use the bushes or the area outside of the tents as your personal latrine.

Any garbage you generate must be properly disposed of each day by wrapping garbage and depositing in the covered trash cans or dumpster.  DO NOT burn garbage, plastics, or other non-combustible refuse in the fire pits.  Combustible items such as paper and cardboard may be burned with wood in a designated fire pit (see above).  This is a family park, so courtesy to your fellow members/campers is expected.  No loud music, excessive lights, or boisterous behavior are allowed after 11:00 pm.