George Pratt Memorial Donation

In honor of George Pratt we are raising money for improvements to the Snoqualmie Falls Forest Amphitheater and Park. 

Snoqualmie Falls and the Forest Theater was a place near and dear to George’s heart. When he was pastor of the Fall City Methodist church, George led members of the church, community, and surrounding region to produce the Fall City Passion Play, 1959 to 1988. He saw the power of theater to share faith and build community, and thus he led the group to expand beyond the annual passion play to form the Christian Players. The group purchased approximately one hundred acres and built an amphitheater with a view of Snoqualmie Falls. In time, it became the Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater. Each summer, they offered weekend dinner theater with a steak barbecue and plays that ranged from melodrama to Shakespeare. He took a four-year leave from pastoral ministry to serve as executive director.  He was a man of great passion and vision.

How you can donate: 

Send checks to: SFFT, PO Box 249, Fall City WA 98024

Kind friends of George who have donated to SFFT Improvement Project: 

Irma Brown
Keith Abey and Tonya Poe
Sally Roegiest
Linda Carlock
Sharon and Tom Clark
Christopher Sharpe